EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)

Else Enerji has impressive experience along with professional planning and implementation team. Starting EPC stage with plannig phase beside consultancy, Else secures finishing turnkey projects on time by implementing phases sticking by the original plan and by its strong financial structure empowering it to overcome monetary issues.


Else Enerji moves forward using best of worldwide known programs as the team know that efficient time management and cost-consciousness are the keys to implement best practice. Else provides exteremely successful design models and engineering to the customers wtih the help of long years of excellence, licenced programs used by years and experienced teams.


Else Enerji has awareness of importance of maintenance services in that these services are vital for Solar Electric Plants to generate anticipated power in the long run. Thus, Else serves to customers by EVIS(Else Data Monitoring System) Program to monitor and control the plants on 24-hour base. Else currently holds O&M contracts for plants of 209,40 MWp at 15 regions. O&M services cover 24 hours/7 days monitoring, intervention when required, reporting to customers after periodic maintenance, montly and annual reports, commitment report for annual performance and warranty follow ups.


Else Enerji prepares feasibility reports which cover juridical follow ups and analysis of the planned investment, answering customer expectations. Beside this, Else controls and reports the production, packaging and shipment process of panels to be used in the project in coordination with an independent auditing company and certification of panels by a dedicated independent laboratory.


Procurement and logistics of project components in the lap of timeline of the project is vital to secure finishing of the project on time. For this reason, Else Enerji professionally manages procurement of eligible products with best price and logistics organization of components to site. Services in this part include preparing a list of alternative products that fit the project and the specifications , procurement and quality control of supplied products and logistics to site.