19 January 2016

Else Energy, now the main sponsor for the electric formula car of Fırat University.

Our Company is now the main sponsor for the Fırat Racing team created as a result of joint works conducted by Fırat Science Academy Student Group and Fırat University Technology Research & Development Entrepreneurship Club at Fırat University. The electric formula car to be made by Fırat Racing team will be taking part in the Formula Student competition, which is the world’s biggest engineering competition among students and held annually at the racetrack in Hockenheim, Italy.

Our General Manager and the founding partner of our company, Mustafa Herdem, lists the important reasons for our supporting the project as follows: Supporting young and dynamic brains in generating a product during their college years, introducing them to the team spirit and ensuring adaptation of students to the free market conditions. Besides, it is a heartfelt thanks, as much as we can, to our teachers who raised us and to the city of Elazığ that accommodated us in our student years.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Fırat Racing team success, in advance, who will represent our country, the city of Elazığ, Fırat University and the power of solidarity at such a strong and international competition.